With the growth that Failed Missionary has experienced in recent months, there is a need to grow our support team on Patreon. Up until now, myself and others have only had time to work on it in our spare time. We are long past the point of having to change this in order to be sustainable.

I started Failed Missionary after I left ministry because I knew that the power structures in place needed to be challenged and kept accountable. I knew too many who were significantly hurt from malpractice and I also understood that there was an entirely different narrative about this lifestyle that wasn’t getting talked about. A few people had been critical, but there were little to no lasting resources that provided a sense of solidarity for what I and others had experienced. By starting this show, I had hopes to give that to others. 

Everyone involved underestimated the demand this would bring. Missions seemed like the golden calf that wasn’t allowed to be critiqued in such a way. Within a matter of months, Failed Missionary had 30,000 listeners in 176 countries. If that isn’t a milestone for North American missions, I don’t know what is!

If the show’s inbox communicates anything, it shows that Failed Missionary has succeeded in creating a brave space for a very unique and important experience and that everyone is made in the image of God.

Each month, thousands from all over the world listen to Failed Missionary. You can help us continue to change lives and challenge harmful theological practices by making a monthly pledge on Patreon. As a Patron, you are taking ownership of the show by contributing $3-$5-$10-$25-$50 or $100 each month. Believe it or not, a little goes a long way. Our goal is to raise $1,500 recurring by November 30. As soon as we raise $900 more dollars we will release the next major series!

Your pledge by November 30 will help change thousands of lives and keep Failed Missionary consistently on the air.

Much love,

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The manual suggested I hand sign this.

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Updated: 11/21/2018

And yes, I legitimately retrieved my missionary support raising manual from a vault to write this in true fashion.