Clarity is Reasonable: YWAM Makes Definitive Stance Against LGBTQIA Inclusion and More

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Today, Failed Missionary received internal documents that originated from Youth With A Mission (YWAM)’s Founder’s Circle. Outlined in the documents below is how the organization came to the conclusion of not affirming LGBTQ inclusion within, and ultimately, outside of their organization. They also make further comments outlining their views on sexual ethics. It is noted that they were helped in this conclusion because of the help of author Preston Sprinkle.

As we are about to start the show back up with a new series: The Gay Commission, which tells the stories of LGBTQIA Missionaries (former and current), we thought it is was necessary to bring this to the public’s attention. The benefit of these new documents is that YWAM as an organization is finally clear. Initially, YWAM had internally expressed a strong desire for staff identifying as LGBTQIA not to be public, but now they have clearly said that anyone who cannot affirm ALL of the values (and their interpretation of them) should probably leave YWAM. That puts a LOT of staff and students on the line.

The developments not only provide clarity for those who identify as LGBTQIA within the organization, but also those considering serving with YWAM under their values.

Corey Pigg