YWAM/WORLD RACE contributors - blog &/or audio

Failed Missionary is actively looking for previous and current staffers of YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and participants in Adventures in Missions’ World Race. We are doing a deep dive investigation into the operations and practices of the organizations and attempting to get a well rounded perspective of what goes on in these groups. The purpose is for public education and accountability.

If this is you, we would love to have you contribute to the show or write for us.

Here is how you can share your story efficiently if you are lacking direction:
1: Introduce yourself and let us know if you wish to remain anonymous. Feel free to let us know who you served with, or in what capacity you served in missions/ministry.
2. How did you find/hear about your organization? What created your desire to go into missions and/or vocational ministry?
3: What effects did it have on you?
4: What happened when you left (if you did)? Were you ostracized? What was lifelike?
5: How has your perspective on life, faith, etc. changed after your involvement with this organization?

NOTE: For legal reasons, please do not use names of individuals. If you do, we will censor it.

The blocks below are there to help you write your thoughts out before recording - they will not save anything (We are not that good at coding). When you are comfortable, press record below and follow the instructions. Please note: you only get 90 seconds. We’re sorry. Not our rule. To ensure your submission is right at or under 90 seconds, try keeping each answer under 60 words should you need to write it out before recording it. You can expand the text areas to see the entire thing during recording.  No need to tell the entire story, just the most cohesive bullet points of the three categories. 

***The not preferred, but if it is better faster and easier for you route to get us audio, (and you need more than 90 seconds) — record it on your own recording rig or Voice Memos app on your iPhone and email it to failedmissionary@gmail.com***

You can write in the flow of the questions above if it helps you. Or you can look at that while submitting audio. REMEMBER: 90 SECONDS!