Stories That Didn't make the newsletter

So you were once a missionary, or maybe you still are, but you have all of these stories that didn't make the newsletter. You know...the hilarious, gross, offensive, and maybe obscene stories that didn't fit in with your picture perfect newsletters to rake in the cash from supporters? Have you ever dreamed of sharing those? Well, now you can. 

Here is how you can spill all of the tea for us efficiently:
1: Tell us about yourself, as much as you feel comfortable in doing so.
2: Share with us your story that didn't make the newsletter.

The blocks below are there to help you write your thoughts out before recording - they will not save anything (I am not that good at coding). When you are comfortable, press record below and follow the instructions. Please note: you only get 90 seconds. I'm sorry. Not my rule. To ensure your submission is right at or under 90 seconds, try keeping each answer under 60 words should you need to write it out before recording it. You can expand the text areas to see the entire thing during recording.  No need to tell the entire story, just the most cohesive bullet points of the three categories. 

Let us know your name (if you'd like), and where you were a missionary or the location of where the story takes place.
What is your story?
The reality of what happened.


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